Emboldened by a life that has seen her traverse places she thought were beyond her, this woman, about to embrace her fifties, has something to say and knows how to listen. Kelly Nestor’s latest journey has stripped her to the bone to bare her soul. Couple that with 25 years of TV/Radio/Online broadcast presenting and producing and now this journalist has an extra dimension to give to her new endeavours ... and that really is something!


Behind the mic MC – TV – Radio – Online Kelly is only too happy to get behind the mic as the MC. She’s a passionate researcher who goes the extra mile to understand the organisation and its expectations. "As a compere, it's my role to bring an audience along with me while achieving the outcomes set by event organisers. I am flexible, focussed and fun!”

As a freelance journalist Kelly can be behind the mic in all sorts of environments, from simple 'pick up' interviews for inclusion into broader stories to in-depth stand-alone interviews done in a one-on-one style which on their own can live as stories on the web, and on bigger screens.

As a producer of visual content, Kelly knows how to create content which pops, and makes you look and sound great.

Add a point of difference with Kelly on your next TV, Radio or Online program or interview. Kelly's broadcast presenting and producing experience, along with her life experiences, brings passion and insight, which is unforgettable.
Teacher Presentation Skills Trainer Kelly’s thoughtful and considered approach can help guide you through the psychology and practicalities of presenting to an audience – whether you are required to present a conference paper, make a sales pitch, speak as part of a panel, address a board, motivate staff or present to camera.

You can be coached by Kelly one-on-one in presentation skills or become immersed in one of her small workshops to communicate better, which dives into group dynamics to engender a wider experience, in a safe environment.

She is highly regarded for her intelligence, warm personality and clear communication and has received numerous awards for excellence. Participants have said "I feel that Kelly’s experience and ability to speak in a professional manner was exceptional, as was her ability to make the participants feel comfortable and welcome in the group", “Some of the best training I’ve ever done”, and “Really positively impacted by the last two days... thank you, it was great!”.

Kelly Nestor is a consultant, and will work anytime, anywhere on pre-arranged terms. She’s based in Adelaide and can be interstate on demand.

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